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Racing, motorsports, and high speed driving are inherently dangerous activities, and accidents may lead to injury and death. JP Marketing LLC  is not liable for any damages related to these activities.  

All parts and components are strictly for race-track only and are NOT street legal. We do not
recommend the use of our parts on public roads.

PAYMENTS: With CC, PayPal or check and once funds are cleared

BACK ORDERS: Orders or portions of orders for merchandise temporarily out of stock will be held
on back order and shipped immediately when available.

PRICES: Subject to change without notice.

LIABILITY: JP Marketing LLC will not be liable for personal or property damage caused by the use
or misuse of any product that we manufacture or sell. JP Marketing LLC has no control over the
installation and/or use of its products. No warranty is expressed or implied.

DISCLAIMER: By their very nature, competition components are constantly pushed to their limits.
While our components are designed to withstand intense racing conditions, it is impossible to
control the varying condition in which they are used. It is for this reason that neither the seller
nor the manufacturer will be liable for any loss or damage or injury direct or indirect arising from
the use of or inability to determine the use of any product. Before using, the user shall determine
the suitability of the product for its intended use, and the user shall assume all responsibility in
connection there with.

WARNING: Products manufactured by JP Marketing LLC are designed for competition purposes
only. Accordingly, use of said products or modification to or construction of a vehicle for the
purposes may create dangerous conditions that could cause bodily injury and the buyer hereby
expressly assumes all risks associated with any such modifications.

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