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Aero / Diffuser details and info

Our diffuser has been tested thoroughly in the NASA TT series with great success. The gained grip is beyond any OEM level.
The 3D rear section has been flow optimized. The 3” high air dam on the left/right side of the car reach all the way to the front wheels.
Special attention is required for suspension spring set-up, rake and ride height of the car.

Rear suspension droop travel needs to be limited. That can be accomplished with our droop limiting solution. This set-up works only with large (+4” to GT4 levels) front splitter to control air flow. For race track applications only!

Please contact us for further details and lead times.
Price for diffuser only incl. brackets and quick release.

Aero / Diffuser

  • are strictly for race-track only and are NOT street legal. We do not recommend the use of our parts on public roads.

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