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Low profile Direct Mount Seat Adapter for Recaro "Racer"

Our direct Recaro-to-E92 M3 adapter is the lowest seat bracket available. I’m 6’-2” so this was a must-have to be developed. It’s laser cut out of  ¼” thick high tensile plate steel and then black powder coated. The Recaro side mounts will directly mount to this adapter which mounts directly to the E92M3 seat rail holes in the chassis. In addition the seat will be at its most right position to reduce the stock off-center seat position.

We can make 3 hole pattern position for small/medium/large drivers.
Within each pattern the seat position can be adjusted ±1”
The adapter has the 2 center 6P seat belt harness holes already integrated.
(please select size s/m/l)

Lead time approx 2 weeks after email confirmation.

Low profile Direct Mount Seat Adapter for Recaro "Racer"

  • are strictly for race-track only and are NOT street legal. We do not recommend the use of our parts on public roads.

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